Mission San Jose Mortgage


March Training Schedule

    Below is the training schedule for all MLOs. Anyone with us can attend this session. The training will be via Zoom, and a link will be emailed to you once the session has been scheduled via Google Calendar.

First Week:

    1. Introduction and going over the system (March 4th, Monday, 4:00pm PST)

    2. Loan Origination System (March 6th, Wednesday, 4:00pm PST)

Second Week:

    1. Credit Report (March 11th Monday, 4: 00PM PST)

    2. Complete Application and Income Calculation (March 13th, Wednesday, 4:00PM PST)

Third Week:

    1. Pricing engine guide (March 18th, Monday, 4:00pm PST)

    2. Application and underwriting scenario (March 20th, Wednesday, 4:00pm PST)

Four Week:

    1. Marketing practices (March 25th, Monday, 4:00pm PST)

    2.AML and BSA (March 27th Wednesday, 4:00pm PST)